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bears in mind.

Besides the 2500+ pictures + countless memories of my time in Alaska, I also collected a number of quotes from those around me that have given me endless amounts of joy.  Here are a few gems that will stay with me forever.  All are anonymous so as not to flatter anyone's ego.

Everything I learned about being a mess, I learned from Haley.
Santa is a pimp. He’s an OG.
Are you part of the poop team?
He’s getting too tipsy for a lounge.
There’s too many pockets in Alaska. In Vegas ... you put your pants on one at a time.
You know how many drinks I’ve knocked down in my life? 8.
I like sleep more than I like people.
Why is it so sensitive in this car right now?
Are you taking selfies?!
We got the potato gun ... shot him in the ass.
That’s what happens when you let her eat jelly.
It just takes one dump here and you’re good for a couple weeks.
I’m the dirty guy.
I’m, like, farting.
I think I’d sweat poop.
I bought that specifically for no reason.
When he starts crying before I get off work, I swear to God.
Best part about this? The fact that I get to blog about it on my Facebook.
Drew? More like SNOOZing at life.
I get so distracted by the penial stuff that I don’t hear anything else.
Cheese is everybody’s little dark angel.
One day you’ll wake up and you’ll be 37 ... and it’s gonna be alright.
I’m too busy to work.
I don’t have a handwriting.
Be here to love me.
Send me your rich and your poor but not your fucking Aussie criminals.
Everyone’s on the perpendicular, but I’m on the ol’ one-eyed angle.
These clams are for everybody.
I had a fever on New Years so we stayed in the backyard and got drunk with Rachel.
Abraham Lincoln looks like a bottom.